PZO8500-Noole.jpgAs a general rule, gnomes do not like open water. They find it dangerous, volatile and difficult to predict. They also hate to miss out on things, and a few of the tiny fey have overcome their fears and made the crossing to the isles of Hesperean. Their preferred transport is a special sealed-hull craft for gnomes, powered by propellers and protected from the elements. These craft are extremely uncomfortable and are rarely carry any creatures larger than halflings.

Once on dry land, the Hesperean gnomes seek out the same environments as in the old world. Rolling hills and deep forests are their preferred habitat— the places where gems and precious metals can be pried from the Earth and worked by their hands.

The gnomes brave enough to make the crossing are often worldly and ambitious, and many have chosen to settle in the larger cities and towns. They work to transform the easily available raw materials into items of great beauty — and value. Their knack for turning profits have engendered jealousy an mistrust in some circles, and their natural secrecy on their methods has only inflamed that.

The gnomes don’t seem to mind, and their excitement to be living in an undiscovered region and to uncover new mysteries is evident. If it weren’t for their reticence to travel, one might expect the seas to be overrun with gnomes.

Favored Classes Wizard, Rogue, Expert

Complementary Traits Curious, Excitable, Merchant


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