The Young Gods

The true believers in Aerin say that is was prophesied that the days were changing and the Serachle would be unable to conquer the challenges of a new age. A more common Draegnian tale is that Laedon could pine for his true love no longer. Either way, his Radiance lay with Celene in her lunar Seraglio. Three turns of her moon later a child was born as bright and glorious as his father before.

So impressed with this child, Laedon gave dominion over the most glorious part of his daily ride to him, and Aerin become Lord of Morning. The Draegnians believe him to be a god and heir to Laedon and nothing more, while the people of the Aerinorn empire believe that he is raised above the other gods and will eventually eclipse them.

Temples to Aerin
The Sun of Dawn’s temples are technically Serachles, as he reveres those powers he considers ancestors. However the center has no rose, instead it feautres sun symbols and altars to the young god. Many feature lenses in the ceiling to channel light on specific days and focus the god’s aspect into ritual artifacts. In areas with varied populations, the temple to Aerin can often be found due east of the Serachle with a ritual boulevard between.

Whether the fulfillment of prophecy or a divine balancing after a bout of lust, the youngest of the gods was conceived by rape of Celene. It is said she tried to get rid of the baby and buried in the deepest ocean trench, where it grew strong and eventually grew strong broke to the surface. While it is called Baor, little is known of the dark devourer even by those alien creatures it brought with it when it tried to conquer the lands of the Hesperean Sea. It is widely questioned whether or not Baor is a single entity, and most of its secret cults follow ‘the Host of Baor’ in its myriad forms.

Temples to Baor
While Baor has no recognized church, there are many who wish to appease his destructive appetites. People have converted the standing stones (Dolmen) where Baor’s armies first appeared as ‘holy’ places, leaving sacrifices to it there. Many apocalyptic prophets have taken to haunting these places and acting as clergy to ‘accept’ these sacrifices in Baor’s name, but they do not seem to have any structure or connection to each other.

The Young Gods

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