172px-Faris.jpgAnother group that came to the Hesperean region for trade sailed from the secretive lands beyond the Crocodile Gates. They started arriving soon after settlement and did brisk trade in providing finished good and other hard-to-find items to newly arrived immigrants. They also offered another rare commodity: credit. These mysterious merchants provided start-up funding for many ambitious projects in this new world, and were very insistent about recovering their investment.

These dusky, dark-eyed men and women keep to themselves in their personal lives, and prefer to keep their relationships with outsiders ‘professional’. It is believed that many are spies or agents for their overseas lords, and that many are secretly dark wizards. The have their own language, but it almost never spoken in public. There are those who believe that just speaking their words attracts the attention of dark powers.

In public they favor long, flowing garments — often with luxuriously detailed cuffs and hems. Both men and women keep their head covered, and a married woman will often be veiled when out. It is said that these rules do not hold within their own communities and the legends of wild uninhibited Valessan dancers are common. it is extremely bad form to question a Velassan about this.

Most profess belief in the Serachle, but it is often said that the Valessans hold Seius above the others and hold secret rites to him. The heretical Venturi of the Sisterhood are claimed to originate from Velessa, and their stringent virtues would seem to be in line with secrecy and rigidity of most Valessans.

Favored Classes: Rogue, Wizard

Complementary Traits: Focused Mind, Jungle Walker, Mathematical Prodigy, Secret Cultist, Theoretical Magician


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